Welcome To Nurse Cathy's Cozy Corner!


AS TEACHERS TEACH ABCs, SCHOOL NURSES OFFER TLC...As Children Come To Me With Their Tears And Broken Hearts, I Am The One Who Connects The Dots And Figures Out The Untold Story - When Someone's Being Bullied, When Someone's Been Hurt On The Playground, Or When Something In A Child's World "Just Isn't Sitting Right."  The Biggest Part Of The Job Is Not Putting On Bandages, But Collecting The Story.  How Did It Happen?  How Do You Feel?  Oh So Gently Digging Playground Chunks Out Of Little Knees And Tending Broking Hearts.  Every Time A Child Walks In My Office, There's A Possiblity Of A Teachable Moment.  

I Love My Job And I Want To Make A Difference In Your Child's Life.  I Try Hard To Let No One Ever Come To Me Without Leaving Better And Happier.  I Hope I Am The One That Your Little One Will Think Of Years And Years From Now.

Thanks For Allowing Me To Be A Part Of Your Child's Early Years.


Nurse Cathy