Technology Projects

Connected Classroom Project

A primary goal this past year was to complete the Connected Classroom Project Launched in 2009.  The goal was and is to connect the various methods of learning, such as; Media, Sound, Interactive Boards and Document Cameras in an easy to use, plug and play environment.  These tools are a valuable resource for today's Interactive Classroom. 

We are happy to say that we have completed this project.  FISD now has over 220 Connected and Interactive Classrooms in the district.  

New Web Sites/ Teacher Sites (SharePoint 2013)

FISD has recently upgraded it's web presence.  The goal is to give our students, parents and teachers greater access to the web resources the district provides while making information easier to find.  Our new site will now give us the tools to acheive our goal.  We have also implemented Teacher Sites.  This will allow teachers to have greater connectivity with their students and parents.

Video Distribution

Video Surveillance

Data Center Upgrades

IP Phone Upgrade

Thin Client Solutions for the Labs